A review by derricoreads
B*witch by Paige McKenzie, Nancy Ohlin


I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The pacing of this one was so odd. It was rolling, rolling, rolling and then BOOM! Everything went off at once. And then it just...fizzled out? Kind of bizarre. Kind of drabble-like. I assume there will be a second book?

I enjoyed almost all of the characters, and I appreciated the diversity in race, gender identity, and sexuality. It felt a little diverse-just-to-be-diverse at times, and I wished they had integrated the girls' personalities better with the story itself instead of awkwardly developing them at key moments in the plot.

The plot... It was a little hard to get invested in. There was too much mystery and not enough pay-off, so it felt like loose ends were smacking me in the face all over the place. I think this is a great book for the age-group it's designed for, but a little too young for older high-schoolers or other young adults in the older age range.