A review by yahaira
No One Is Talking about This, by Patricia Lockwood



I laughed and I cried. I loved this damn book.

This book just hit me in the right away. I can't stop thinking about it and haven't been able to start a new book.

I call the first part the 'doom scroll of internet history'. I constantly kept asking myself how I knew all these references and then why I knew these references. You see the mc get immersed in "the portal", become famous in it, and then trying to constantly keep up with the language of the portal.

The second part is still written in a similar style, but she is out of the portal and dealing with a family crisis, so the blurbs are longer and the writing really becomes poetic. We see her living with her family, still thinking internet thoughts while going through hell. She thinks about posting but doesn't.

I've seen reviews that say this is two novels, but I disagree. I think both parts work together beautifully and I love how they play off each other. You need the light, fluffy half to realize how important the second half is. As someone who used to be online all the time and now, well, isn't, I can maybe relate to this character more than others. I have experienced grief and loss that you don't share online and that make you realize 'the stream' will continue without you.