A review by sauvageloup
Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

adventurous dark emotional funny hopeful mysterious sad tense fast-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


giving a four for pure grippingness, as I was totally glued to this. fair bit of unoriginality though.

- it's pretty unputdownable, constantly keeping the tension high and the ball rolling. very good writing and pacing in that sense as there was never a dull bit.
- the different scenes were written well too, the fighting, dialogue, reflection and romance were all solid.
- I likes the setting, the dragons, the politics and worldbuilding, but the characters were the strong point. xaden and violet were both compelling and conflicted in their own ways.
- especially liked the flashing out of the side characters. I was definitely emotional when
Amber's dragon grieved and Liam died.
. Yarros does a good job of giving enough details about side characters to make them feel real. 
- I hear from my friend witty Eds that Violet's was written well and it's great to see more disability representation, since its sadly lacking. great that she wasnt magically cured of it, and was supported by others throughout the story even as others tried to take her out.
- focus on sibling relationships was cool top, great to see mira and violets positive sisterhood and rhiannon and her sister.
- a fair number of twists were unpredictable, like
getting 2 dragons, xaden taking her to the rebuilt city and brennan being alive

- I also liked that the characters were 20y/o plus, and the women were called that, not girls.
- inclusion of queer side characters was great to see too, including rhiannon and Heaton, neither of which faced any discrimination for it.

- it was all very classic YA tropes with an adult bent. Dane and xaden were immediately obviously love interests (twilight)
though I'm glad Dane was revealed as shitty pretty fast.
, we have a murdery military school and a catch the flag games (like divergent and percy jackson), untrustworthy leadership and rebellion (hunger games). also knife throwing and the MC getting
the best dragon and the best magic and the hot unavailable older man, whilst being a tiny little pixie girl with silver hair. and enemies to lovers of course

- though called clever, violet does have some dim moments for sure,
like she really didnt expect xaden to be part of a rebellion at all?? honestly.

- also didny like the last chapter being xadens POV. it sounded the exact same to violets which was disappointing and was unneeded. he was better just through violets eyes.
- overall, I would have liked some more real failures for violet, and less cliches. plus some more real violence rather than the squeamish stuff. go big or go home for the morally grey characters is what I say.

but it still gets a four because it was very gripping, I did like xaden and violet and their chemistry, plus the side characters and the dragons. 

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