A review by shelleyrae
Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume


For me this was a seminal book as a preteen, especially as an early developer this book was for me in a lot of ways reassuring. It captures the early preteen issues perfectly - first period, puberty, friendships, family relationships and all that akwardness. I have never come across another book that honestly explored this subject and when my daughter reached the age I still had my own copy ready for her to read.

The religious component was interesting as and aside because those sort of issues did not exist in my environment (much more an American issue)

PS I begged my parents to buy me a copy after I had read it from the library but they got the title wrong and I ended up with some completely uninteresting book called "Mister God This is Anna" which i threw out in disgust. I bought my own copy with my next birthday money :)