A review by readerandlover
Dance of Thieves, by Mary E. Pearson


This book is good, I enjoyed it, the start and the ending. I would say the one thing that does suck is that you really can’t speed read this book due to its complicated nature. You have to read most of the words to understand the story, not just the dialogue. So, inevitably, it took me a really long time to understand and to read. So, expect to be stuck with this book for a few hours.

Thing to improve:

Well, there was the boring plot. The plot was so boring. The only reason it is is a three stars was that at the end and at the beginning it had a really good plot. The middle was relying on the romance between Jase and Kazi, which honestly did not carry the story in the middle.

The story she was trying to get was awesome. But, the part before the truth was, that was the most boring. The plot needed to be improved.. seriously.

Otherwise, everything was great. But, there were too many characters. It was hard to remember who was who in the story unfortunately.