A review by theespressoedition
The Two Lives of Lydia Bird, by Josie Silver


Oh, how I had high hopes for this already-hyped book. Guess what? It lived up to the hype, friends.

I immediately felt a tug at my heartstrings from the beginning of the tale. Lydia and Freddie had a precious relationship that ended far too soon - or did it end at all? This book navigated grief, substance abuse, reintegrating love into a life that lost it, and so much more.

I so appreciated Lydia and Elle's sweet sisterly relationship. It reminded me of myself and my sister, and some moments truly made me emotional. I was so glad the Audible narration included an interview with Josie Silver at the end because I got to learn that it was based on her and her sister! I wish there had been more of Jonah Jones. While I realize that he was inserted where he was needed, I loved his character so much that it made me long for more.

Do yourself a favor and give this a read as soon as you can.

Honestly, it's challenging for me to include all of my thoughts on this particular story because I finished it this morning and have quite the book hangover. It was wonderfully written, not nearly as cliché as I expected, and relatable in a plethora of ways.