A review by nytephoenyx
Medieval Myths & Mysteries, by Dorsey Armstrong

informative fast-paced


I like this book exactly as much as I expected, because mediaeval legends and history are deep personal interests. Armstrong is passionate about the topic and delivers it well as far as classroom style goes, however, those looking for more scholarly lectures may be disappointed. Well I enjoyed the conversational aspect of her teaching, it does mean that there is a bit of filler in each episode. Depending on who you are, you’ll either love this like I did, or find it irksome.

Otherwise, this is a great primer to mediaeval myth and legend. If you are already well familiar with the topics, you may not learn that much, but that’s not to say it isn’t still an interesting lecture. Even though I knew a bit about the topics, I still found it interesting and worth my time, and I’m glad I listened

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