A review by jodyw17
Long shadows, by Derek Thompson


I had the opportunity from NetGalley to read Long Shadows by Derek Thompson
A brand new detective series in the vein of Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks, I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish.
Opening on the central character of Craig Wild, it’s hard not to take to him straight away and want to find out more about what forced him to move to a quiet village after being in London.
Luckily we get to find out little bits about the detective as the story progresses, but happily it doesn’t distract from the main narrative. The story does take us back to partly explain events in London but not to a deep level. This might be further explored in further books, as it’s left with a bit of an open storyline.
I enjoyed the historical theme running through, as the author delves into the villagers past secrets.
We get to see tiny side stories exploring a couple of the other characters and again I would be very interested in where these characters are taken and explore the relationship their building with Craig Wild.
Overall I give this book 4.5 stars.
At no point did I put it down because I was bored of the story, and once I’d reached the halfway point I really wanted to find out what actually happened.