A review by adeniverville
Archie: Varsity Edition Vol. 1 by Mark Waid


LOVED THIS. I read the Archie comics growing up and I loved this re-imagining of the characters. Betty and Veronica are given more hobbies besides shopping, and even Reggie gets more depth. I'm hoping Jughead's character gets explored more in the later volumes, as he was one character who stayed the most similar to his classic character. I also liked how there were new characters introduced that brought more diversity. I'd also like to see more of Kevin, who was a new addition to the comics within the last ten years.
The story felt classic, but also very modern. We have the "love triangle" that's a staple in the comics, but it's less comical, more serious and emotional. My heart is breaking for Betty and Archie, but also rooting for Veronica and Archie. I'm curious to see where this develops, and I hope Betty and Veronica become friends like they are in the comics.
And the ART was gorgeous. There were multiple illustrators, but the art stayed fundamentally similar enough that it wasn't jarring to pass from artist to artist. It helped that the constant between all these different artists was Mark Waid's story. He was the glue that tied them together.
I want to read volume 2 RIGHT NOW. GOSH. EVERYONE GO PICK THIS UP. Even if you're not an Archie fan, I think it's enjoyable for everyone.