A review by library_of_kindredspirits
Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin


It's all over. :(

I wish Jack, Walt, and Ray had more brothers. :) Maybe even one for myself. ;)

This series was lovely. I can't get enough of Sarah's writing and it's sad to part with yet another one of her heart melting romance series.

As the finale to the "Wings of Glory" series, Sarah wrapped things up with Ray, the oldest Novak brother, and Allie's friend Betty's sister, Helen. When I read the blurb, it mentioned Helen had to keep up appearances of grief which really spiked my curiosity. I started to wonder why she might be faking grief. In the previous books, she was painted as the grieving widow from other characters' perspectives, so to learn that a lot of it was an act was very intriguing. Helen was a complex character and I loved going on her journey. Sweet Ray, was just the man to help Helen's heart heal. I love it when characters have childhood crushes, so when I read that Helen had a childhood crush on Ray, it made me smile.

Everything about this series is so good, from the romance, to the messages, and the characters. Bonus points for the references to 1940s music scattered throughout. I had fun adding each one to a YouTube playlist so I could listen to them. It was a fun way to discover new swing jazz.

I will miss hanging out with the Novak brothers and their wives. It was so fun while it lasted.