A review by jamietherebelliousreader
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Vol. 1: After Life, by Warren Pleece, Wellinton Alves, Triona Farrell, Klebs Junior, Caspar Wijngaard, Alice Zhang, Alex Paknadel, Claudia Caranfa, Leandro Casco, James Peaty, Boo Cook, Wellington Dias, George Mann, Al Ewing, Nick Abadzis, Robbie Morrison, Blair Shedd, Marcio Menyz, I.N.J. Culbard, Rachael Smith, Hi-Fi, Claudia Iannicello, Josh Burns, Rob Williams, Simon Fraser, Dave Taylor, Simon Myers, Simon Spurrier, Gary Caldwell


3 stars. I really liked the first two issues in this five issue bind up. The rest unfortunately, fell incredibly short for me.

The artwork was decent, I didn't really care for the way Matt Smith is drawn but the rest of the characters and surroundings were pretty good. I liked the companion, Alice, a lot. She was such an interesting character and I felt like the first few pages that introduce her were done beautifully and automatically had me hooked. I also loved how her and the Doctor first met and their first adventure together. The pages with the flashback of her as a child with her mom were also handled really well.

The Doctor was the Doctor pretty much. Gotta love him. He carried over his same humor from the show so that was a plus.

Like I said, the first two issues are definitely worth a read and I think you'll enjoy it if you're a massive Whovian.