A review by sharonleavy
Don't You Forget About Me, by Mhairi McFarlane


Georgina and Lucas were once madly in love. They lived and breathed each other, but something happened on their last day of school that changed everything.

Now, they're both adults and find themselves working together when Georgina needs a job at short notice. Only, Lucas doesn't seem to remember Georgina. She's shocked - how could her first love not recognise her? Or maybe she didn't mean as much to him as she thought?

I loved this book so much - Georgina was a great main character, and I loved her immediately. She has been carrying something around with her for years, something that completely ruined what she had with Lucas, and I was aching for her to let it go - I bawled my eyes out thinking about it. This was so lovely, and the romance was perfect, but it was also a book about being yourself and finding your own definition of happiness. There were genuinely helpful tips in here about dealing with grief and moving on, plus there were important discussions about relationships, feminism and sexism. It was funny, witty, and warm. I loved it.

All those now hopelessly in love with Lucas McCarthy, raise your hand.