A review by may_books20
Blessed Monsters by Emily A. Duncan

Did not finish book.


So. Confession time. I read 3 chapters: the prologue, chapter one, and the epilogue. And I’m done. I’m ready to wash my hands of this mess of a series. The books themselves were good, not going to lie. But the inherent antisemitism (that I only just found out existed here) in this series is too much for me to finish this book. With every word, I find myself hating the author even more. Listen, it’s “fine” if you’re racist or sexist or homophobic or whatever outside of your work. I mean, no one, especially someone entrusted with writing the tomes that will eventually describe our history, should look down on other humans for such arbitrary reasons (authors are supposed to be smarter than that!) but I can separate artist from art and hate the author without it affecting my view of their work. However, it is the cruelest of acts to write a novel with the EXPRESS INTENT of stirring wicked stereotypes and stoking horrible conspiracy theories. In short, fuck this author and fuck this series. Good day, sir.