A review by dana_boucher
Play Dead, by Harlan Coben


I'm a big Harlan Coben fan. I "read" this book via audiobook.

I was a bit surprised to discover a forward before the book by the author stating that if this was your first Harlan Coben book, to put it down and choose another. This was in fact his first novel that was recently re-released and basically not up to the standards of his other books.

There are some good things about this book. The story drew me in and while he allowed the reader to fully discover some plot elements, there were others that took awhile to figure out. I wanted to keep reading until I knew how the story ended.

The biggest problems were how drawn out it became as well as a few stretches of the imagination required in order for the story to be plausible. With all that being said, I still enjoyed the book.