A review by biblioleah
The Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag


aspects of this book that frustrated me: beginning with how horrible morgan was to everyone throughout the entire book. i also hated the emphasis on how it was unfair to not come out publicly. not everyone CAN come out and these narratives that the only way to be happy and in love is to be out are just so irritating. that being said, if you do keep your relationship secret it doesn’t give you an excuse to treat your partner so poorly (morgan was very selfish and never cared about keltie’s needs ever. also there was no reason she needed to join in on her friends bullying her???). the outing scene was painfully bad and there were barely repercussions to the individual who did the outing. everyone who ever did wrong in this book got away so insanely easy and yes i know it is YA and a simpler plot but it felt like no one actually learned anything. to end my critiques of this story, i just felt that the conflicts were truly ridiculous at points. the miscommunication trope shone in the final third and it was just so unecessary? also why did morgan feel like she could just go and tell keltie’s sectret to people like do you have no concept of how bad that is??? anyway i understand that the messages i received from this are not intentional and i could be reading too far into it but i think it’s a valid perspective to have. i just wish there were more queer stories out there where the conflict and resolution are not SO dependent on coming out or being outed.