A review by jonesy_city
The Four Profound Weaves, by R.B. Lemberg


***Nominated for the the 56th Annual Nebula Award***
In the Novella category.

***Directly After reading***
I don't know what I think of it. It's a good fantasy story. The language was gorgeous and the imagery was vibes (why autocorrect?) vived. But it's hard to form a concrete opinion about the story.

Maybe because allegory is used? I have a hard time with allegories especially in English because so much is based on a specific culture. And I suspect I'm missing parts because it's about gender (roles) in different cultures. Cultures I'm not familiar with.

That isn't to say that without that understanding this story became unreadable. Far from it. But it does feel like you have to have experience in reading fantasy of all kinds. Just reading what's popular won't prepare you for this story. Read fairy tales and speculative fiction. It also reminded me of magical realism by South American / Spanish authors. Although I can't explain why. It just gave me that same feeling.

It's a story that you have to experience and just have to let wash over you. But I can see this being discussed in classrooms.

Also as a sidenote: the artwork in the book is gorgeous! Simple but evocative.

***Directly After buying***
Can I just say that this whole proces of buying was ridiculous? Ugh my country sucks sometimes. Why only have the audiobook listed but no physical copy? THIS IS WHY AMAZON GETS ALL OF THE DOUGH. I'm mad about the amount of times I end up on amazon...

... I'm aware I'm making questionable decisions while tired. What can I say? At least it isn't drugs and it keeps me off the streets?