A review by mikaela_wade
Rejoice by Karen Kingsbury


~ Audiobook Review ~

Wow, this book was hard to read at times, lots of trajedy and suffering! I really enjoyed it though, this series keeps getting better and I get more hooked. I loved the way Brooke learnt to look for God’s goodness even in the darkest of situations, that God can bring good from what the enemy means for evil.

Characters: This book focuses on Brooke and her family, but her parents and siblings also have continuing storylines and major events. I’ve included these spoilers so I can remember in the future what happens in each siblings life:
Spoiler•Brooke’s daughter Haylee drowns and Peter gets addicted to drugs
•Luke & Reagan get married
•Ashley is still pushing Landon away based on her diagnosis, raising Cole, still working at the altsheimers home.
•Landon gets a promotion with the fire station
•Landon proposes a second time
•Elizabeth is feeling tired from the weight of the family troubles.
•Irvel passed away

Series: This is book 4 in the redemption series and is definitely written to be read in order. But Karen does a good job at filling in the main details that you can read it without reading previous books but highly recommended to start from the start.

Content: I feel this series contains mature content. I really like the strong personal Christian faith that Karen Kingsbury has and reveals through her stories as a major theme in her novels. Some of the content includes:
Spoilerdrug addiction, suicide, drowning, aids, divorce, child with brain damage

Book recommendations:

Audio Performance: 8/10
In this Abridged version Sandra gives a fully voiced performance (meaning each character is given a unique sounding voice) she reads nicely and was relaxing to listen to. Sandra narrates the entire series which is nice to keep consistency.

Author: [a: Karen Kingsbury|3159984|Karen Kingsbury|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1458747158p2/3159984.jpg] & [a: Gary Smalley|7362|Gary Smalley|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1378051202p2/7362.jpg]
Narrator: Sandra Burr
Length: 4hrs (Abridged)
Book Published: 22-Mar-2004
Audio Released: 1-Apr-2004
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Platform: christianaudio.com