A review by bookishinsomniac
Oathblood, by Mercedes Lackey

adventurous medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? Plot
            Oathblood, an anthology of stories about Keth and Tarma before during and after the events of the other Vows and Honor stories, had several hits and misses for me. 
·      I finally got to read the meeting of Keth and Tarma and what finally started their journey together which is what I’ve been missing since the beginning. 
·      Epilogue- The ending story was also the ending I wanted to Oathbreakers. 
·      Other stories- Besides the first and last stories, I thought this anthology was somewhat pointless. Half the stories were based off of things we had already read in the other books. As much as I like reading Tarma and Keth’s stories there was just no overarching storyline which I don’t enjoy as much. 
I’m giving this book 2.5/5 stars. For me this whole book could’ve been taken out and the first story could’ve been a prologue, and the last an epilogue and it would’ve had the same effect.