A review by beastlyenby
Night Film, by Marisha Pessl


Having previously read "Special Topics", I was very curious to see what sort of similarities and differences I would find in the style and content of "Night Film". While I am still at odds as to how much I actually enjoyed the latter, I did find quite a few consistencies between the two works that has led me to appreciate Marisha Pessl's abilities.

Firstly, the supplements in both novels. While I found Blues sketches and drawings to be endearing, I can honestly say that the website pages, photos, files and other documents scattered throughout "Night Film" provided a new level of interaction. It almost felt like I was reading a graphic novel. Furthermore, the amount of references made to literature (in "Special Topics") was astounding. Needless to say, the efforts paid to creating a filmography of Stanislas Cordova did not disappoint.

Secondly, attention to detail vis-a-vis clothing. While in "Special Topics" I assumed the attention Blue paid was linked to her age, the emphasis on clothing Sam McGrath paid in general and the energies paid by Marisha Pessl in outfitting her characters was astounding.

And finally, the endings. I won't go into detail but if you have read either of the two novels I have mentioned, you know that Marisha Pessl commits to building a case so thoroughly, that when she flips it on its head her readers may be caught off guard. The overhanging question as to what really happened may drive someone who prefers a clean answer up the wall.

In conclusion, you may not like this book if you don't care for the subject (black magic, conspiracy) or if you are looking for a whodunit. You may enjoy this book if you are looking for a carefully crafted, meticulously organized piece of fiction that questions the lengths to which someone may go to learn the truth, and what impact that could have on ones integrity, life and relationships.