A review by joabroda
A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

adventurous emotional lighthearted fast-paced


I really enjoyed this story(written as memoir) of Lady Trent ( Isabella) and her very first foray to study dragons in the wild.  

Isabella recollects her beginnings as a "misfit" in a world where women are expected to be demure. spend their life weaving or stitching and basically be arm candy for their husband.  When the time comes for  Isabella to be put on display, in hopes a finding a husband, she is most fortunate to find a man who can be her friend and one who most importantly allows her to read and express opinions. 

After wedding,  Isabella convinces her husband to take her along as he heads out on a expedition to study Dragons. Isabella has been interested in the subject since she was a child and longs to see a Dragon up close and draw and study them.  

Their adventure into the wilds turns into upset when mishaps and missed connections interfere. There is the mystery of their missing guide and then the unthinkable, attacks upon persons by the dragons. 

Brennan's characters and writing are marvelous. If you can suspend the disbelief in dragons the book is a wonderful memoir of a strong, independent woman. I loved it!