A review by stepgg
Reunion by Karen Kingsbury


I was looking forward to this book. I assumed there would be a happy ending.. Nope this whole book was depressing as eff. it doesn't help that the book was all about Elizabeth dying and I just went through this with a family member so I could hardly get through the book. i felt like she wrote this book more trying to be a lesson than a story. (hey make your life count!) I felt like Karen tried to wrap up n make all the kid's stories all happy n hunky dorry to make up for this super sad book. I did not like how she threw I'm the secret son, I felt like his was thought up for this book and to make another series but it didn't seem like it fit in with the four previous books. really they kept that a secret all this time even when two of their kids had babies out of wedlock?? To me this whole book was a flop