A review by goodeyreads
The Key to My Heart: A Novel, by Lia Louis



Thank you to Book Club Favorites and Simon & Schuster for the gifted copy.



I knew going in this book was going to hurt. Widow plots are some of the hardest for me to read about. I truly enjoyed this one though and all the truth and love and pain it held. Another beautiful book by Lia Louis!

I loved the overall theme of how grief creates its own path. And that it’s OKAY to have a different path than someone else’s. The side characters provided a lot of different angles to how people approach those experiencing grief too. It became multi-faceted and complex and had all of my heart strings pulled.

The romance was so dang sweet. I loved the slow steps into it and how a friendship grew first. There’s a tiny dash of a love triangle (it’s good, I promise!) and I loved how it worked out in the end.

One particular chapter at the end had me tearing up and wanting to hug Natalie. A fantastic and poignant read that I’d easily recommend!

Overall audience notes:
- Women’s Fiction / Romance
- Language: some strong
- Romance: kisses
- Violence: low
- Trigger/Content Warnings: loss of a spouse (theme), loss of loved ones, grief, depression