A review by squishies
Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner

While I was mildly amused by the crappy title and demon-hunting soccer mom bit, I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of SAPPINESS that the bloody woman put the reader through: \Oh I love my husband sooooo much, he's sooooo sweet. Aww he's so adorable, he loves me even though I'm a failed domestic goddess and I am hiding a dead demon in the pantry. Love, love, love him!!\"^^^^Permission to *blergh*^^^^Then there's the whole \"I miss my dead husband sooooo much\" and I don't even want to go on about how she raves about how much she loves her kids.^^^^Permission to double *blergh*^^^^I guess I should have put the book down when you have a quote from a review saying, \"This will resonate with all the soccer moms out there\" or something like that. =.= I didn't see that one actually, Sam did. I just thought the quote at the front of \"what you'd get if Buffy married and kept her past a secret\" was rather amusing too.^^^^That'll learn me.^^^^Honestly, it was so sickening I couldn't finish it, but I was mildly curious who the bad guy was. So, I skipped to the end (as well as skipping all the sappy bits) and then the middle to figure out who the heck Eddy was and why he was so chummy with the daughter. ^^^^It's a best-seller so I'm quite sure that means there are people out there who loved it to bits. So, safe to say that this book's demographic does not include me (somehow I shouldn't be so surprised). =P"