A review by tomeraver
Ignite Me, by Tahereh Mafi


well... how to sum up my total reaction for this book in one word: meh. Starting with the positive stuff: loved Juliette's character evolvation, she goes from wimpy to badass in one book, however i kind of wanted this to happen a little earlier in the trilogy. I never liked the character Adam, and always prefered her with Warner so i wished that the author let us make the decision ourselves instead of manipulating Adam's character. At the end i kind of felt cheated as it was over too fast. i think that we should have gotten more information from Anderson instead of just out right killing him. it made me feel like she was taking her time throughout the book biut then got to pg 300 and said shit nothing is happening, so everything felt rushed. And finaly the thing that bothered me the most was that 1 juliette decides that she is suddenly going to be the leader and 2 that no one even questioned it. i mean come on people there isn't any one more qualified in all of North America????? i get that she feels that she has changed now but man baby steps!! a book ago you barely talked and wanted nothing to do with the resistance. ugh i could go on all day, bottom line maybe there should be a fourth book, but would i read it? thats still up for debate. all in all it was a quick read and that if you want to read it go on ahead as it is still a good trilogy to get into if you are looking for something new.