A review by bridgette
Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse



I loved pretty much everything about this. Maggie is an awesome, flawed, terrible, wonderful character. She's standoffish and a monsterslayer and slowly starts to let people in. Then, there's Kai. I did not think I would like it, but I ended up LOVING him (he's a bit of the Lovable Rogue trope, which I've learned is one of my favorites).

The world building is superb. A climate induced apocalypse, complete with a Wall diving parts of the country, and bonus points! the monsters are back! It reminds me a little of the better parts of Supernatural.

This is a book about slaying monsters, but there's really just the dressing. There's so much about what makes a person a monster, and how and why someone could start to believe they're monstrous. It's also really, deeply about learning what love it--love from others and love you have for yourself and how one impacts the other. There's so much about toxic and abusive behaviors that are presented as love but aren't.

The ending was the best. It's not all wrapped up and while there's an awesome character arc and growth, it isn't finished. Maggie realized some things about herself, but it's all messy still, exactly how real life is.