A review by absentminded_reader
Ivy, by Katherine Coville


This was a cute, charming chapter book, perfect for young readers. It was told in a simple to read manner with enough description to provide setting without the text becoming difficult for young readers. Despite being told in a simple, storybook manner, it was filled with surprises. Many of my predictions came true. Cedric did save the town to the delight of the queen, but I forgot about the dragon mentioned at the beginning of the book. I, also, didn’t predict that [spoiler] the townsfolk would abandon their fussy, priggish ways so that they could preserve their town’s reputation as the new Queen’s favorite fun town.

Simple tales can be easy to predict, which is why I like to guess outcomes as I read along. I want to see if the author has a surprise for me at the end. I’m happy to say that she did. This was a good book. What stopped this book from being a four star tale was the flatness of the characters. I’d give it ★★★½☆ if I could. However, I’m an adult. I know my daughters would have gobbled up this book when they were younger. There is a dearth of fantasy themed chapter books out there. Ivy will fill that untapped niche wonderfully.