A review by greatlibraryofalexandra
The Lesser Blessed by Richard Van Camp


I appreciate this and really valued its cultural impact. The insight into the mental health and generational trauma of the children of residential schooled indigenous people was grim and instructive. The relationship between Larry and his (almost) stepfather was heartwarming to read.

However, it’s pretty obvious the author was 19 when he wrote this, and for me it was unpleasant to spend this much time in a teenage boys head. From the way he talked about women / thought about women to the over used punctuation, it wasn’t an enjoyable read for me from that standpoint. It was very juvenile in a way that often made me cringe. YA but with R-rated content.

That said, I do want to note that the sex scene was an ACHIEVEMENT in writing. Well done. This is certainly a modern Canadian/indigenous classic and worth a read.