A review by alexampersand
The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer


I found it difficult to really know what to make of this book.

The characters felt slightly off-kilter, but written in such a way that I wasn't entirely sure whether this was intentional or if the author just didn't know how to write normal human interactions.

The plot itself was intriguing and mostly kept me interested, although I felt that it didn't really play into the tension and excitement as much as it potentially could have done.

I really enjoyed the character of Grace, but I thought that her emotional confessions part-way through felt slightly out of nowhere, it was written in quite a nonchalant way of her just announcing her past trauma, and then it didn't really seem to play into the overall story at all. It felt like she was originally just written as a supporting character, and the author thought at some point he needed to flesh her out with a tragic backstory.