A review by yuzujam
Champion of the Rose: Darest Book 1 by Andrea K. Host


I was not really prepared for how intricate it was (at least it was for me). Usually, I am bad with political/ruling stories because it is difficult for me to be interested and patient enough to follow. However, for some reason, this story was written so it was relatively easy to follow and intriguing enough for me to. Perhaps just enough characters and memorable names so that it doesn't get too mind-boggling. Perhaps a clear flow of events.

Admittedly, I wish there had been more explanation of the world before the onslaught of occurrences rather than a slow, unfolding explanation as the events occurred. Such as what was the norm in coupling, families, etc. It was probably just me, but figuring out what were standard relationships made it confusing at the beginning. I feel as if I had been just placed into the story, assumed to have always been part of the world. Then again, there are stories that are intended to be like that.

I thought it was good. I don't think that I will go out to purchase my own copy, but there may be a time in the future when I think, oh I want to try rereading it. I might also want to read the sequel.