A review by dozmuttz
Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth, by Grant Morrison


Starting off the spooky season with a pretty respected read. Batman: Arkham Asylum shows us the horrors of what happens behind closed doors as well as the back story of its creator. Batman has to go in after patients escape and led by the Joker; hold hostages to lure Batman. The other part of the story is us seeing the tragic origin of Amadeus Arkham as it all comes full circle to what's happening with the escape. All in all the story is passable, but nothing great. Grant Morrison's writing is good however the overall plot didn't piece together too well. At times it felt like it was trying too hard with the only part interesting to me being when we read about Amadeus. It just felt scattered at times only for the end result to be "meh". The artwork by Dave McKean, although I can appreciate, is just not my cup of tea. Like at all. I don't like it. lol. I like what the story tried to do and at times it hit well however overall it was just alright.