A review by summer_reads1
White Horse by Erika T. Wurth


The story centers around 35-year-old Kari James an indigenous woman who lives in Denver Colorado. Kari was raised alone by her now permanently disabled father after her mother left her just after she was born. Kari is very close to her cousin Debby who is almost like a sister to her.

Debby finds an old bracelet that once belonged to Kari’s mother and gives it to Kari. The bracelet summons up both her mother’s ghost and a monstrous entity that begins to haunt Kari both day and night and everywhere she goes. Kari must discover what happened to her mother all those years ago.

I instantly connected with Kari and I found myself having a lot in common with her. Not only is Kari an indigenous woman trying to navigate the urban Indian life but she is also a metalhead, particularly a huge fan of Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine(I was a huge Megadeath fan in high school). Another similarity I found with Kari was her love of Stephen King, especially her love of The Shinning since it’s also my all-time favorite King novel. Overall Kari is a badass who never shies from speaking her truth and standing up for those she loves. It’s rare for me to find the main character that I can find so much in common with so I was super impressed with Erika Wurth’s characterization.

White Horse is steeped in Native American lore and legends. I loved learning about the spiritual aspects surrounding this story. It was fascinating to follow Kari as she connected with her roots. The mystery that the story centers around genuinely had my interest piqued and I was thrown off guard when the who and why was revealed. White Horse is classified as a horror novel but I would categorize it more as a thriller/mystery with mild horror elements in the mix.

The only issue I had was, I felt there was too much focus on the fact that Kari and Debby’s husband Jack do not get along. Their constant arguing became a bit repetitious and even annoyed me at times. I feel like if all of that was taken out, the story would have been a solid five star read.

I highly recommend White Horse to readers of dark thrillers centered around a mystery. If you are looking for a unique and highly entertaining story by a BIPOC author with indigenous characters, then pick up a copy of White Horse! I look forward to reading more of Erika Wurth’s backlist as well as reading anything she publishes next!