A review by efram
Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami


Norwegian Wood's rate of four stars determines my strong, wary, and attentive recommendation of the novel. The writing's superb as expected of Murakami but the story line and plot progression might caught you off guard if you're into magical realism and the like. I will highly-recommend it to those readers who are currently experiencing existential crisis as this book is such a good company for it will make you felt understood and valued.

The novel's strengths are its dreamlike writing technique – the author was known for his dreamlike story line but in this book, it was the writing style and not the plot - exquisite depiction of Japanese culture - suicide and its underlying causes. While the book is nostalgia, it still has various weaknesses: first are its lesser characterizations of women, second’s irrelevant reference of music, and lastly, unsettling plot progression.