A review by kitkatscanread
The Iron Trial, by Holly Black, Cassandra Clare


Really close to a 4.5 star rating.
I really enjoyed the general storyline.
I am a Harry Potter fanatic and not once did I think this book was like it as I was reading it.
Sure it has one boy main character with a boy and girl best friend.
Sure magic is involved.
But that has nothing to do with anything major.
For one this story contains elements and magic control.
I actually liked this book more than I thought I would and prepared for the HP similarities, but when they didn't come I liked the story on its own.
Don't judge a book before you read it.
Give the book a try before you begin to think "oh it sounds like a Harry Potter rip off".
I really dislike when people judge before they try something. You don't get far by doing that.
I enjoyed it and I can't wait for more.