A review by bibliorey
New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer


Still a 5 stars read for me even til today.

It’s 2020 and the last time I read this was 2014 and I was 12. It’s insane how strong of a love I have for these books especially New Moon. New Moon has got to be my all time favourites out of all the other books.

My favourite part of the book is definitely the months. The fact that it went by without any narrative just shows how down Bella was during that period of time post-Edward-leaving.

I also love the little bonding time that Bella and Jacob had. Also, the introduction to the werewolf pack. Love that!

Currently watching Breaking Dawn Part I as I’m writing this and suddenly got emotional because Flightless Bird, American Mouth is playing and I’m suddenly brought back to Twilight, the prom scene. A SIS IS EMOTIONAL.