A review by laci
Baba Yaga's Daughter and Other Stories of the Old Races by C.E. Murphy


I've just started the audiobook, but I immediately fell in love with the actress. :|

Anna Parker-Naples' voice acting is brilliant. The characters are easily identifiable by their voices, and baba Yaga's daughter sounds especially lovely. But there's *so* much more to it - this book does many things, and does them well.

The plot is split into chapters, each a story of its own, woven into the same colorful tapestry. There are multiple POV characters, and I liked each one.

Do you want tales based on traditional myths? Or a vampiric romance? Interactions filled with subtexts and silent threats? Fantastic races you've heard of (so they feel familiar), but with reasonable and interesting twists (so they're not boring?)

Both dialogues and narration are not only cleverly written - they also count on the reader not being totally dumb and oblivious, too. Many books do the exact opposite; The Hunger Games comes to mind from recent memory. I don't like when the narrator "insinuates" something, and then PROCEEDS TO EXPLAIN IT, in case I can't figure out that by "her head was cut off" also means that "AND THEN SHE WAS DEAD, you know."

Not here. Baba Yaga's Daughter is rife with hints and insinuations which not only aren't stupidly explained, but sometimes they're convoluted enough to actually require some thinking. (Okay, that might be because I'm slower. I wouldn't know.)

Maybe you won't like it as much as I did, but I'd still recommend it.