A review by merlin_reads
Archenemies, by Marissa Meyer


 Ok, now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. I enjoyed this one more than the first because it delves deeper into the good vs evil/heroes vs villains story. While the first book was mostly set up with the characters and this histories and what they stand for, the second installment focuses more on corruption of power and the power of choice.

Nova is still driving me nuts, more here because in her mind she knows something is wrong and just refuses to ignore her instincts. She refuses to challenge what's before her. She only wants to destroy the Renegades, even when she sees goodness or hope, she's just like, but they didn't save my family! She's so stuck in the past. And I get it, she went through something tragic. But I honestly don't believe everything went down the way she thinks it did. She's unable to move on and grow and ultimately this is hurting her as a character. I also hate how she knows playing with Adrians emotions is wrong but yet still does it because she feels something for him too so it will all balance out. Just no.

One of my favorite things about this book was how Meyer showed the corruption of power. Most noticeably with the creation of the serum that removes Renegades power. It brings into question who has the right to decide who keeps powers? Why do the Renegades get the final say? What are the parameters of this judgment? And what about the abuse of power? I loved how she played with these questions and I just know it will carry over into the next book.

This was a solid middle book. It progressed the plot and the characters. It raised stakes and brought to light the faults within this world structure. I'm super excited going into the final book and I can't wait to see how this all plays out.