A review by murderbydeath
Bonefire of the Vanities, by Carolyn Haines


Diabolical. I knew who the bad guys were, but the ending was not only a surprise, but truly clever, inspired and diabolical.

I truly love the Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries, and obviously, this one did not disappoint. The characters feel like old friends and Zinnia, Mississippi someplace I once called home and visit from time to time, whenever Ms. Haines writes a new book. Sarah Booth and Tinkie make a great team, and the ongoing struggles between their chosen career and their respective loves is always heartfelt, realistic and touching. Bonefire of the Vanities takes on the world of Mediums and scam artists and Jitty isn't the only ghost floating the halls. Some fun, spooky moments and some great sleuthing - I'm thrilled that this series has been running strong since the beginning, showing no signs of losing steam. I look forward to the next book.