A review by katemarlowe
Know My Name, by Chanel Miller

challenging emotional hopeful inspiring sad tense medium-paced


In Know My Name, Chanel Miller tells her survival story, getting the chance to give her account of one of the most famous sexual assault cases of the century. As you read, you learn that Chanel Miller, known to the world as Emily Doe, had to relive her experience for years afterward, being dragged through a public court case that inevitably failed to support her, victimizing the assaulter, and further perpetuating a narrative that forces survivors into hiding. This memoir showcases how a failed justice system and a conditioned society make it impossible for survivors of sexual assault to come forward. It was not an easy story to listen to, but Chanel’s response is courageous, and every survivor’s story is more than worth the time. She guides us through the series of events, giving every gritty detail but in a way that cradles those of us who have been in the same position. I chose to listen to the audiobook version as it was read by the author herself. Listening to her tell the story, you could hear in her voice the frustration of having to deal with court date after court date as well as the excitement she got from simply getting to be creative on good days. She did not hide after so much exposure, literally and very physically. She flowered by getting on stage or writing down her thoughts and sharing them with the world. It isn’t fair or right that we still live in a time where women are fighting for the right to be respected or even considered human, but it is vital to listen and hear stories like Chanel’s so we can learn to stop giving credence to the abuser and give back power to those who are abused.