A review by crazybooklife
Obie Is Man Enough, by Schuyler Bailar


Obie Is Man Enough introduces us to Obadiah "Obie", a seventh grader and a competitive swimmer, he has a supportive family that loves him no matter what; That's a good thing, because Obie happens to be Transgendered, a topic that isn't always easily talked about, or readily accepted but his family has been wonderful since he told them and so has some of the faculty at his middle school. The only problem; The students and his e swim coach are anything but supportive.

We follow Obie as he tries to survive school, swim practice/meets, and being a pre-teen who happens to be a bit different than his classmates. Obie Is Man Enough is a wonderful story of strength, courage, survival and love, while also being informative to everyone by showing what life is like for many and also educating Cis gendered people. There's a great balance between positive and negative and Schuyler Bailar writes with clarity and conviction.

This book does have a warning at the beginning but it is important to highlight it now as well there IS a trigger warning on this story. Please make sure you are safe and in a solid mental place with people to reach out to in case the story hits home a little too closely. This is a book that I highly recommend to everyone, but please take care of yourself and your health while reading.

Thank you to netgalley, Schuyler Bailar and publisher for providing an advance e-copy to me in exchange for my honest review. I loved this story and am grateful that these books exist for the first time in history, its about time! Schuyler Bailar makes a wonderful must read contribution to the community.