A review by somasis
All Good Things by Emma Newman


I have such mixed feelings about this series, on the one hand it is EXCELLENT, on the other hand I was intensely anxious reading it. Which really speaks to how Emma Newman crafts complex plots with nuanced twists and unexpected depths. Her characters are all morally grey and very flawed, through out the series various factions are working towards their own interests, and you REALLY want them all to succeed, but they can't because they are all working against each other. There is a lot of intense tension, poor choices, and just when you think things are going to improve, they worsen in some unexpected way. It's an intense ride and often uncomfortable, but I'm so pleased with how this final book came together into a truly satisfying ending. FINALLY. I won't say anything else, because this is the last book in a long series, but if you like books with high stakes, a ton of politics, and the fey, I couldn't recommend this more.