A review by veronica_chamaedrys
A Dance of Mirrors, by David Dalglish


First reading 2015:
So much action. Can't handle this. LOVE it! Zusa is growing on me now.

Second reading 2018:
Okay. Zusa is pretty amazing.

The book starts of promising but then it goes downhill for me. It feels like the entire book is just there to make sure we think about if what Haern does is morally right or not, what’s the difference between the watcher and the wraith?

We are introduced to elves but I wish we actually got to KNOW them and not just having them as a plot point. The attempts to try and make you care about the elves are quite weak and they are flat characters.

Anyway. Parts were interesting, mostly I’m kind of bored.

Be aware: imagined rape, detailed killings, drug use etc.