A review by mk_loisirs
The Insatiable Volt Sisters by Rachel Eve Moulton

dark emotional mysterious reflective medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? It's complicated
  • Loveable characters? It's complicated
  • Diverse cast of characters? It's complicated
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? Yes


*Thank you to NetGalley & MCD x FSG Originals for the e-Arc in exchange for my honest review* 
I went into this book completely blind. I requested it based off a recommendation of a friend on Insta who was reading the arc. 

"Our femaleness a reason we needed saving, the only reason he needed to keep his miserable inheritance all to himself." 

I am completely flabbergasted by what I read. This was such an upsettingly brilliant book. It is a gothic mystery horror show. Henri & B.B were so incredibly unlikeable. I greatly disliked both sister but I loved them all the same. I was drawn to this story much like the Volt sisters are drawn to their island. I was completely surprised by the fantastical elements to the story that moved it past simply dark and mysterious. I was anticipating the "big bad" to be more abstract and internal but it was fantastical and brillant. I know there is a feminist commentary entrenched in this story but I need to dig for the right words to the describe. The ending was so good - the final line is *perfection."

I've read in other reviews that people were confused by the POV & time changes. I didn't find that confusing at all. I felt they were well constructed and paced appropriately. I didn't feel pulled too soon from from POV or time at any point. I was interested in it all. 

Spoiler The beast form of the sisters harkens to sirens calling sailors to their deaths but instead of that they are two women who have been sold a lie and tricked into helping call at risk/forgotten women to their deaths. The women of the story were essentially tasked with cleaning up after the mistakes of man and I am HERE for how it ended - destroying the monster as sisters, and the man eating-monster mom FTW.