A review by lindsaysofia_25
Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot, by Mikki Kendall

emotional hopeful informative inspiring reflective fast-paced


This is the first non-fiction I've ever rated 5 stars and it truly deserves it. I normally take a lot longer to read non-fiction than fiction but this one was just as captivating as the best fiction books and was very readable so I kept wanting to pick it up and read it even when I only had a couple minutes between classes. I love that the language is so accessible but conveys really important and complex ideas, I think that's the best way to write political nonfiction. I also think it really deserves the 'inspiring' mood marker since after having read it I plan to use the chapter titles as a jumping-off point for issues I want to find opportunities to help tackle in the coming years. Kendall did a really great job writing a piece of text that is both informative and an incitement to action. I particularly love how every chapter ended with a couple paragraphs about how feminism could change to address that particular issue. 

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