A review by sanjanapadhi
The Four Profound Weaves, by R.B. Lemberg


Not much of a review...

Liked this book but I was so confused at times. More specifically, confused at the wrong times

I had assigned it 3.5 stars and as Goodreads doesn't have a system of decimal-stars, I was confused about how much. Normally, when I think a book was like <=(x).5 , I usually assign it the lower integer except in the rarest of rare cases. But like I said it before, I liked this story and I really wanted to like it too, it was just so...(you know what I mean?!). Therefore, I gave it 4 stars finally and decided to revise the rating(if needed to be) at a later date.

Now, months later, here I am. It's a clear downgrade to 3 stars for me. In these months, a loooottt of LIFE HAPPENED, exams happened, studies went downhill and I realized that the ratings definitely needed revising.