A review by qu33nofbookz
Soulstar by C.L. Polk


Holy hell how did this get published? It completely skipped the editor's desk and it pisses me off. It seems the author has given up on her story/world and was just in a rush to get something out. What a mess. What a terrible end to such a good beginning. Just stick to the first book and pretend the second two don't exist.

I have a first edition printing and it's full of errors! How did this get past the presses? Page after page of errors. It also needs some heavy editing besides the spelling errors. It feels self-published.

This book suffers from trying to put too much stuff into it without going in-depth as well as stuffing current real world events in that have nothing to do with the original story outline from book 1 or even book 2, dropping previous characters that were important and leaving out plots from previous books that should have carried over, and dropping the ones from the first chapters here to go after something else. Plot holes are rampant and nothing is at all cohesive. The added trope of secret marriage that doesn't work well here. Low on magic, heavy on the politics that contribute to plot holes. Again trying to put way too much into such a short book. The pacing was terrible going between rushed, time skipped, and nothing happening leading to stilted and awkward dialogue that seems out of place most of the time.

Also not sure why, maybe the editor suggested it, but a lot, and I mean a lot of emphases was put on pointing out that most of the people in this world are black without actually giving a description of the characters except for the length or style of their hair which was either shorn short or in braids (hello stereotyping and fashion tropes) and pointing out a few white people by saying they are white and therefore don't fit in and stand out. I don't care what race the character is, I like the characters regardless but a description/features of what they look like would be nice. Boo for heavy stereotyping.

This book is from Robin (Miles's friend from book 1) POV. She is nothing like in the first book and it's disappointing since we don't see any character growth to explain the change, it's just there that she is a different character. Also, the lack of key characters from book to book is annoying. Grace is here but only to say yes mam to Robin and Miles and Tristain and his people are almost nonexistent and Avia is completely mia. Robin is freeing the witches from asylums, planning an election to overthrow the monarchy, being prime minister of a government that doesn't exist so she must make it so, trying to repair her relationship with her 20-year absent wife, trying to help witches build a new clan, and save their place to live, she is trying to get a business off the ground and she trying to solve her friend's murder.