A review by morganewdw
The Ivies, by Alexa Donne


Thank you to NetGalley and Random House for an early copy of The Ivies!

When asked about thrillers, I usually put them in three different categories:
- The ones where you figure out very early on who did it or what happened... and you’re actually right (those are the ones that usually aren’t very good)
- The ones where you think you’ve got it all figured out early on but the author proves you wrong brilliantly
- The ones where you just know you won’t understand a thing before the final plot twist, and you’re perfectly okay with it

The Ivies is part of that second category.
From very early on in the book, there’s a character introduced in a way that made me feel he was the guilty one, and I was very proud of myself for being an awesome Sherlock... Until I was proved wrong. Here goes my fancy detective hat.

This is what makes this so powerful and such a page turner. At every chapter, the author manages to make you doubt every little thing, and to introduce you to new details that are really important for the story – but also very easy to miss.
As far as the thriller side goes, it was just what I expect from a YA thriller: fun, sometimes scary, sometimes a bit too much, but really enjoyable.

The set of characters is pretty awesome too, though quite despicable. That main character has the perfect balance between "I want to hug her" and "please let me slap her".
For some others, you’ll definitely want to slap them. But in a good way. I guess.

Finally, it’s a really great look at how the US school system works. Though of course it’s pushed to the extreme, some parts of it are scarily believable. Poor students.

In short then: a thriller full of suspense, great characters and some teeny tiny romance. Loved it!