A review by anyaemilie
How to Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters


Thank you to Interlude Press/Duet Books and NetGalley for the advance copy!

Remy, like most teenagers, is trying to figure out who he is. He knows he is more than the various labels ascribed to him: gay, black, adopted, fashionable, president of the GSA. But WHO is he?? Remy is tasked with writing an essay for his AP Lit class that tells who he is, but is finding it impossible to figure that out.

Remy's life is populated with an entertaining cast of supporting characters who all highlight different aspects of his personality. Willow, Remy's younger sister, might be my favorite. Remy often looks to her and admires her willingness to be herself without caring what anyone else thinks, while at the same time wishing he could do it too.

I think this book handles the many issues teenagers can deal with in a very real way. Nothing is really black or white in real life, and the same is true for Remy's world. Sure, there are other gay kids at his school, but not all of them want to join the GSA. And that's okay. There isn't one way to be gay, just like there isn't one way to be a teenager. I think Winters handles that really well.

I really enjoyed this book, and thought it was a refreshing take on modern teenagers and the issues they deal with. This is the first of Julian Winters' books that I've read, and I will definitely be picking up anything new he writes.