A review by adorbzveah
Bound by Hatred, by Cora Reilly


These two were made for each other. They both gave me a headache. They are crazy in love with each other. It's kinda cute to see Matteo already in love with Gianna first. We don't see enough of that like we should. Matteo knew Gianna wasn't like the others and still chased the world for her. Even when they broke up.

Despite this being an "arranged" marriage, Gianna's resilience is what made this book so fun and entertaining to read. She is truly a baddie and I love her. Some of her decisions did upset me a lot. I feel like she could have made better decisions but her upbringing, the abuse, and just her personality are what made her, her.

It was very cute to watch them fall in love. I love how the banter never stopped between them. They were really willing to do anything for each other.