A review by sarahannkateri
Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden


Seven teenagers decide to go camping in a remote part of the Australian outback. After spending several days hiking, exploring, and lazing around, they return home, only to find their families missing, their pets dying, and patrols of armed soldiers roaming the streets. It seems that while they were in the bush, Australia was invaded, and they are among the few who have escaped capture.

This book holds up remarkably well for having been published in 1993. The teens' banter and relationships ring true, and while their personalities start out as stereotypical (there's the sheltered rich girl, the sarcastic, smart one, the religious nut...) they all grow and change throughout the story. While there's plenty of action and romance, the book still finds time to fit in a rumination on the nature of evil. Tomorrow is a good, solid adventure read, although I wish I didn't have to read 6 more books to get the whole story. Curse you, series writers!

Hunger Games fans might dig this one, as will people who like wilderness survival stories.