A review by m_lubbers
They Threw Us Away, by Daniel Kraus


I picked it up because of a quote on the back "a macabre tale full of snuggles" and was immediately intrigued. I enjoyed it more coming at it from an adult perspective than I think I would have if I had read it at the age of the intended audience. Cause it was DARK. Like seriously dark. You think teddies will be cute, but holy hell. I think that if I would have read it as a kid it would have messed me up a bit.

There are some issues, especially regarding the inconsistent rules of the teddies sentience, and the widely differing representations and positive/negative personality traits of the female and male teddies. Which again makes me grateful to read it as an adult capable of recognizing these problems.

Overall, I did enjoy it a lot. I liked how dark it was, and how absolutely messed up it was. Looking forward to the next book.